Tai Chi is for the Body and Mind


I began Tai Chi practices to keep healthy and reduce stress, today I practice almost every morning and the mental and physical benefits I drow from it are innumerable.

Tai Chi is a practice and a discipline we can bring along with us well beyond our youthful years to keep us healthier and improve longevity.

What is Tai Chi?

  -Meditation in motion-

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art with roots in the Taoist philosophy dating back thousands of years. Taoism is not a religion, but a way of seeking to understand how we are part of our world. It looks to the patterns of nature within and without, noting how to connect the whole universe.

According to Taoism, the more we align ourselves with the pattern of nature and ride the tides of our universe’s currents, the more we’ll be at peace and the healthier we’ll become. So, as much as Tai Chi begins as a physical practice, it becomes a metaphysical practice as well.

Tai Chi movements are executed in slow and fluid motion by a series of controlled movements, regular practice can increase flexibility, balance, and strength, it can also improve cardiovascular fitness as well as maintain bone density in postmenopausal women. It can also lower blood pressure in significant ways.

Studies of the health benefits of Tai Chi have shown its potential for improving quality of life for most and for those suffering from arthritis and heart disease.

The metaphysical aspect of Tai Chi

Taoist recognize the concept of qi as the lifeforce energy that permeates us, as well as the universe, Tai Chi is said to balance this energy. When the entire body is exercised in a balanced manner, along with a balanced mind, the lifeforce energy flows unhindered. This is said to help release ill health and mental trauma, leading to improved physical health, and psychological peace.

The beauty of Tai Chi is that anyone can practice and learn it at any age, this is especially important for us in our sixties and behind.

As the knowledge of Tai Chi continues to spread, you will find that more doctors support and recommend it.

Check with your doctor and let me know what is your opinion on this amazing practice and discipline.

What do you think?

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