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Making Money in Retirement


Making extra money in retirement is something most of us are interested in and, for ether financial or personal reasons…or both, we might want to have some form of employment past the traditional retirement age of 65.

Your reasons for working in retirement are significant and there are some questions you will want to evaluate when starting a job search, including:

  • What’s motivating you to find a job?…money?…boredom?…both?
  • how much money you need to earn?
  • what kind of work might fit most of current needs, and lifestyle?
  • will you work Part Time or Full Time?
  • how much flexibility do you want to have?


Whatever job you will choose it will likely be, at least somewhat, determined by your financial needs and the time and efforts you want to put into the job.

So, let’s see the options we have…

How to Earn Money from your Livingroom

If you are looking for just some extra cash then fire up your computer and look for survey sites where they’ll pay you for your opinions. Some of  those Sites


Watch videos:  will reward with gift cards and cash for you to watch videos and performing certain tasks online.


Serve as an online Mock Juror and get paid from $10 to $60 for about an hour of your time: is one site that connects Mock Jurors with legal professionals to give them feedback as a Juror.


Test Websites like:

  • and pay users to click around websites and report back to them. It pays around $10 per website tested.

Become a Transcriptionist:

  • offers a free minicourse online and pays from $15 to $25 per hour for working as a freelance Transcriptionist. If you’re experienced in medical or legal fields it’s a plus with them.


Work as freelance  Proofreader- offers free intro workshop and pays up to $17 per hour for general transcript proofreading.

  • Teach the English language online:

Many foreigners students learn English online  on 

  Get an after Retirement Job doing What You Love

My friend Liz, like me, lives in a retirement community and at the ripe age of 67, she shares her love for Tai Chi by teaching it to her fellow retirees living in her development. She charges a minimum for each class but at the end of the month, she makes her extra cash while keeping herself and her community happy, healthy and socially energized.

Travel jobs for Baby Boomers:

Traveling is one of the main pursuits of retirees and the travel industry offers them myriad of job opportunities. You can earn an income as well as reduced travel cost

Join a tour:

Perhaps you could join a tour company and travel as a guide for seniors vacationers…or any vacationers!

Look into for job opportunities.

Seasonal jobs:

What about extended vacations in areas that require seasonal workers?. You would be able to find short-term/part-time work at a ski resort or a summer resort. Check on that.

Teach abroad:


Qualified English Teachers can, financially, do quite well abroad while spending time in a favorite country.

Cruise for free: has a myriad of jobs and you could be hired to help while you still get plenty of time to enjoy the cruise!

Do you Have a Creative Talent?

Can you Paint Art?

May local Art Guild, of which I am a member of, has a twice a year outdoor Art Show. Most Artists make out like bandits by selling their Art!

Can you write?

Write an ebook on anything you’re passionate about, publish it and sell it for a few dollars on The money adds up and you can make quite a bit of cash that way!

In conclusion, making some extra money on your terms after retirement is not impossible, just have the mindset bent towards monetizing what is available to you in your own environment and be open to what you can find outside of your own environment!


Oh and please leave me your comments, you have no idea how much I enjoy and appreciate them.

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