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              * Positivity and the art of living *

Whenever I used to hear the phrase “Think Positive ” I would get annoyed and discard those words as being naive and lacking in depth and solutions.

They were just words to me until I began my journey with Tai Chi and started checking into the principle of The Tao which teaches us the connection and harmony in between polarities of all things.

   The duality of our world

In the metaphors of most cultures, Life is at war with Death, Light with Darkness, Good with Evil,  the Positive with the Negative…etc. In traditional Chinese thinking, the polarities are the principle that Plus and Minus, North and South, Good and Bad, are different aspects of the same system, and the absence of either one of them from a given system would be the disappearance of the whole system itself.

The implication of this is that the art of living is more like navigation than warfare, for what is important is to align ourselves with the winds, the tides,  and the currents of nature and the whole universe we live in.

Thus the art of living is not about holding the positive and banish the negative but to keep the two in balance because there cannot ever be one without the other, and life will not ever be just peaches and cream.

But, if you are willing to mindfully asses your thoughts patterns you will see that you have the power to choose between the polarities of Negative and Positive, and tilt towards Positivity to enhance life-energy.

   What is positivity made of?

Positivity takes many forms and can be sparked by just about anything: However, it is a choice and not the same as happiness. Happiness is a result while Positivity is always a choice. Positivity is made of our conscious efforts in choosing positive thoughts over negative ones in our never-ending pursuit of happiness.

We often find the following emotions in happier people:

    • Joy
    • serenity
    • hope
    • faith
    • amusement
    • inspiration/creativity
    • awe
    • love

When was last time you felt each of these emotions? The more open you are to the positivity of these emotions, the greater the joy and the broader life feels. The more you can build upon your resources and abilities to handle whatever life throws at you…the greater is your alignment with the universe natural currents.

Pay attention to your thoughts                      (but not too much)

It all starts with your thoughts. Your positivity is the direct result of how you choose to interpret the experiences in your life. so get real about your habit of thought. Make a conscious decision to find the positive in all situations and soon it will become your habit to do so:

Your Opportunities are found in What Challenges you

At any age, see your obstacles as an opportunity for growth.

      • Meditate

Learn to meditate, it will be your time to get to know yourself and witness your thoughts more clearly. You’ll learn to separate from your thoughts, rather than identify with them; in doing so you’ll become able to make the more mindful choice.

From The Tao

-When everyone knows beauty as beautiful,

There is already ugliness;

When everyone knows good as goodness,

There is already evil.

”To be” or ”not to be” arise mutually;

Difficulty and easy are mutually realized;

Long and short are mutually contrasted;

High and low are mutually posited;

Before and after are in mutual sequence.-

by  Lao-tzu 

So, The question stands: behind all duality, will you cultivate your power to tilt your thoughts towards positive polarity?

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