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My New Year’s Resolutions

Every New Year I make my resolutions and every year I fail to keep them.

Lately, I have noticed  that the resolutions I fail at are the same every year, for example:

   Resolutions not kept

  1. Lose weight

Picture this: I step on the scale early in December, before Christmas time,  I look at the numbers on the scale and in disgust I say something like; ” oh, my god, I have to go on a diet starting January 2nd to lose 25 Lb.!”  and from that day until January 2nd I eat to my heart contentment. How can I lose weight if I start out by eating more?! I do this every year!… can I find a way to break this cycle?…

2. Eat Healthier

Well, after the guilt over the decadence of the Holidays feasts, I go shopping for Fruits, Veggie, and Salmon…but, nobody can survive on that alone for too long, right?.

 3. Pay off Debts

This one is easier said than done since Christmas doubles not only the size of my waist but also the amount on my credit card.

4. Spend Less and Save more

I have practically given up all my bad habits, smoking?…gone long ago! Imported Expresso coffee?!…it stays, I don’t care if it bankrupts me!

5. Travel more

This one I really want to stick to this coming year…But, has the underwater tunnel in between New York and Europe finished yet?

6. Get organized

Yes, this resolution is renewed every New Year…and reiterated every single day after that, throughout the year.

But let’s get serious about New Year’s Resolutions…

This year I am doing something different.

This year I will start something new and I hope you’ll join me in the following exercise: I will take a notebook, I’ll take a look back at the past year, and write down  answers to these  6 sentences

  1. The wisest decision I made
  2. The biggest lesson I learned
  3. The biggest risk I took
  4. The biggest surprise of the year
  5. The most important thing I did for others
  6. The biggest thing I completed

This will give me a good look into the past year while summarising and defining my steps into the new year. I invite you to continue this exercise with me and write down your feelings about these 10 things below.

10 things I will take care of this upcoming year

  1. Personal life and family
  2. Belonging
  3. Friends, Community
  4. Intellectual Pursuits
  5. Finances
  6. Work, study
  7. Hobbies, creativity
  8. Health and fitness
  9. Emotional, spiritual
  10. Bucket list

Make sure you execute these exercise with me and let me know how the new year shapes out for you.

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