Glamour and Beauty are ageless

I was born in Europe, specifically Italy, and whenever I’ve been back there I have always admired those mature European women’s particular style, glamour, and beauty.

I have spent quite a bit of time there and each time I’ve gone, I have found myself planning on packing a completely different wardrobe than I would otherwise make use of at home.

I also find myself reverting back to what  I call a European mentality when it comes to female style, glamor, and attitudes. Now, by nature, I am a free spirit and the idea of following and adhering to any style or attitude it’s just not in my DNA, yet whenever I am overseas I find myself admiring and almost wanting to emulate those mature European Women easy glamor, honest beauty, and owned femininity.

My source of inspiration on thoughts of glamour and beauty has always originated from my now long gone aunt, my Mother’s oldest sister, who exuded glamour no matter what she would be wearing. She must have been in her early sixties when I, as a young girl, became enthralled by her style and flair.

She was a tiny woman with pure white hair full of young and ageless energy, age was just a number to her.

I used to observe her long process of getting dressed while she would explain to me how she came about possessing each item she was considering wearing. Each skirt, blouse or pair of earrings had a fascinating story behind it and each item came glamorously to life for me as soon as she put it on. When I think back I can almost see this tiny woman doing her sultry walk. When she went shopping she seemed to have a predator walk. She would wear something in black and white and cool sunglasses, then she would move slowly around the boutique, intentionally, as if daring people to step in her way.

So, I have spent some time observing what exactly keeps those mature women glamorous, classy and genuinely beautiful…

…And it appears that true beauty has no age and we can exude glamour and beauty at sixty and behind, in part, by truly owning who we are with self-care,  confidences, intelligence, and grace. This internal self Knowledge makes us ageless.

But how do we stay forever fascinating?

We do not all have the DNA of Jane Fonda or Catherine Deneuve who look  at least 10 years younger than their actual age, or have we all had the opportunity to have lived exotic and fascinating lives, but today progress  has enhanced our lives in many ways, we seem to have gained longer lasting beauty and longevity, therefore we can look at our older age as the continuation of the journey we have been on and are still gaining spirit, soul, wisdom, and skill as we go on. This keeps us fascinating and beautiful to the world.

I have observed mature European women remaining still splendid, classy and with a touch of “shamelessness “  that leaves everyone, men, and women, amazed. They instinctively know that as we age we do not need to prove anything to anyone, in fact, we can choose to show the world that being in our sixties and behind has its own undeniable glamor.

7 golden rules

These extraordinary older women seem to follow these 7 golden rules:

  1. First of all: your family gives you serenity and pace
  2. Little makeup but always be put together well: never go out without mascara, blush, and lipstick
  3. Eat healthy and avoid drastic weight loss
  4. A glass of wine every day makes you happy
  5. Energy is the key to health, wellness, and beauty (I say a Tai Chi  or yoga routine every day is all about energy. The qi )
  6. Find a man that makes you laugh
  7. Don’t forget to feel like a woman

How to feel beautiful and elegant at 60 and behind

I  believe that this is the phase of life we are truly free. Modern progress and lifestyle enhance our longevity and this opens up new possibilities, scenarios, and knowledge to help us keep healthy and active. In our 60s we are reborn and rediscover our earlier independence, our children are now grown and on their own, maybe we are retired from our job and with our newly found free time we might be thinking of starting a new adventure or realize an old dream. We want to renew and with the awareness of ourselves and the world around us, we can begin to enjoy life in a way we might have never done before.

What changes in our sixties?

We can’t pretend that change does not occur, our good health could change, of course; change is a fact of life and we must be prepared to roll with the punches. But by now we have also lost and won many battles and feel good in our own skin. Today we will not hide behind anonymous and sad clothes, but boldly dare to look audacious because we don’t take ourselves too seriously and seek to express ourselves freely.

Be elegant and fashionable in your third age too

In our sixties, we are aware and mature, certainly not boring and grey and we wear our clothes to highlight the best of our figure and features. So, we should make use of colorful accessories, glasses that are also a bit eccentric, and jewelry that tells about journeys to distant and exotic lands. Our look should tell of our personality and reflects our experiences, but never to be remembered for eccentricity or bad taste. So, the invitation is to be daring but not to exaggerate and to use sparingly the accessories best suited for the circumstance.

We’ll always remember that dressing up with elegance means wearing clothes that are appropriate for the occasion and complementary to the shape of our bodies. It’s a rule that works at any age. So, when we are faced with the question of how to dress to be elegant in a special situation or even everyday life, what is important is a lucid evaluation of the item that will be worn. Let’s see some practical ideas..:

The perfect outfit for the day

Generally to be elegant at our age is better to avoid tight-fitting clothes, even if you still have your 30-year-old body! also, avoid exaggerated neckline.

Say YES to soft line pants, but without hiding your form too much. A sixty-year-old woman must be proud of her age without pretending to dress like a twenty-year-old.

Say YES even to sweaters, blouses, t-shirts (better to avoid sequins), and jackets, to match with skirts and high waisted trousers.

The three-quoted sleeves are best for when you prefer not to show your arms.

The look for special occasions

The classic never disappoints and allow us to combine style and class: we can always bet on an essential dress choosing to highlight our best features, maybe our legs, for example…

Jewels, bags, and shoes are very important to enrich an outfit with personality.

If we prefer covered arms we can always resort to shoulder cover, there are many kinds to embellish any look: bolero, chiffon, satin, knitted piece, lace.

The ideal shoes

In our sixties, it’s better to prefer medium height heels, no stiletto heels for us..(unless you dare! ) and this includes sandals, boots, and ankle boots. To stay comfortable without giving up elegance, medium height heels are perfect for any situation.

Discover all the makeup tips you can!

Our skin is no longer toned, elastic, uniform and luminous as it once was, it is, therefore, necessary to resort to very rich night skin creams to reinvigorate the epidermis and maintain hydration. As for the face makeup, stain and discolorations should be camouflage with a specially designed foundation. The eyes makeup should be simple and bright by the use of warm and opaque shades. For the lips, it is advisable to use a pink lipstick, synonymous with elegance and discretion.

Femininity must always be the absolute protagonist, even in our sixties, it is, in fact, a fundamental component of a woman’s life, equal to our source of beauty, grace, and glamor, all originating from our core of being.


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