Reinventing ourselves after 60

At about 10 years ago the word ‘Reinvention’ had been buzzing on and off in my head, but I didn’t know where to start my ‘Reinvention’.

I had done very well in my service-oriented career but I was nearing retirement and I knew I was more than done with any kind of service-oriented work. I had to look for a new direction, especially when I knew I was not naturally inclined to service-type work.

My dream since I was a child has always been to spend my rainy and snowy days inside reading or writing Scifi or Horror novels, or paint landscapes on a blank canvas – I really believe that when it comes to reinvention we should start to look back on our childhood wishes and dreams to find us inspirations.

Spiritually, I ‘meditated’ on the idea of starting anew and this, even if didn’t help me come up with a crystal clear answer it somehow lit up my way on my road to reinvention.

Around that time Superstorm Sandy happened, my home went 5 feet under ocean water and I had to move in the motorhome parked in my driveway. Luxurious thoughts like reinvention and writing/painting went right out of my mind, or so I thought… I lived there for about a year and, unknowingly at the time, I began to reinvent myself.

In some of those long nights, in the company of  Handsome, my cat, and armed with a laptop I began to write my first novel and paint some of my favored oils and Watercolors.

 my cat Handsome. 

I also ruminated on some ideas for my next moves and options – Sometimes life is a game of Chess in which we try hard not to be check-mate!

Following are some ideas that came up for me, some of these might resonate with you on your road to reinvention.

  • First. Start by improving your body image…by losing weight?…exercise?…yoga?…plastic surgery?. Whatever works for you.
  • Attend to your spiritual being. This requires some introspection. Tai Chi, yoga and meditation helps!
  •  Retire entirely if you can and move to an area geared to the over 55 and 60 crowds. I wasn’t ready but I did it and it has worked out very well so far.
  • Move to another Country. I seriously considered this option because I am European born…but, my closest family ties are here.
  • Get married!…or get divorced if you must!
  • Start writing that book you always wanted to write- Everyone has a good story to tell!
  • Start a Website or a Blog- It’s fun and quite a challenge!

….And remember that the need for reinvention comes around at regular intervals.

Have you, or are you now reinventing yourself? tell us about it.

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